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         It is a great honour that i got an opportunity to serve as a president of harvard convent school, Baghapurana. I wasborn in india, raised in canada and obtained my degree in Computer Science from Toronto, Canada.
         Every Child is a store House of talents, skills and Capability. Harvard Convent School endeavor to provide conductive enviorment which help ti identify the potential and caliber of every child.We aim to develop coordination,Initiative and creativity in the children and develop responsibility through a behaviour policy, that encourages self discipline, awareness and respect for other.
         In our institute, every student will get an opportunity to present and express their talents and skills, I assure that our school will play a meaningful role in the future and scale new hights, translating the dreams of the people of our area into rality.
         I Wish the staff and students all success in the years to come.

Info Tech. (Toronto Uni.)

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